Understanding Septic System Issues

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Understanding Septic System Issues

When it comes to necessary home appliances and fixtures, there aren't many things that match the importance of an indoor sewer or septic system. Without a working city sewer system or septic tank, you and your family will have problems living in a clean, sanitary environment. Fortunately, by investing in a good septic system and knowing what to look for, you can take issues in stride and address them proactively. Check out this blog for more information on understanding septic tank issues. This information might make troubleshooting much easier for you and your family. I know that they have helped mine!


First-Time Home Buyers: 4 Steps Towards Getting A Septic Inspection

If you are in the process of purchasing your first home, and the home you are interested in purchasing has a septic tank, you will want to get a septic tank inspection before you purchase the home. This inspection will help you determine what condition the septic tank is in, and if it just needs regular maintenance performed on it or if you are going to need to sink thousands of dollars into repairing or replacing it. A septic tank inspection can help you make a more informed home purchasing decision. Here are the steps you should follow to get a septic inspection.

#1 Hire A Licensed Septic Installation Company

The first thing you need to do is find a licensed septic installation and inspection company in your area who will perform a septic tank inspection for you. It is best to have a professional septic tank expert perform a septic tank inspection for you; you don't want to hire a general home inspector for this job. A septic expert will be able to more accurately tell you what type of work and money you are going to need to put into the system in the future. 

#2 Let The Company Know You Want Estimates Along With The Inspection

When you hire a septic company to do an inspection, they will provide you with a report that details the condition of the septic system. However, if you don't have a lot of knowledge about septic systems, this information will not seem particularly relevant or informative to you, which is why you should ask for an estimate along with the inspection. 

When asking for an estimate, see if the company can provide you with two different estimates. The first estimate should tell you how much it would cost you to do any immediately necessary repairs and maintenance on the septic system. The second estimate should tell you what it would cost to get the septic system running like new or to replace the septic system if it is on its last working years. The estimates should also include the date the estimates are valid until so you can know exactly how long you have to take advantage of their repair offer. 

Obtaining these two different estimates will allow you to determine and figure out if the short- and long-term maintenance costs associated with the septic tank are in your budget. 

#3 Schedule The Inspection For A Time Both You & The Seller Can Be Present

Ideally, you should schedule the inspection for a time where both you and the seller can be present. That way, if the inspector has any questions about past maintenance or usage issues with the septic tank, the current owner can answer those questions.

Being present for the inspection allows you to also ask questions and really understand how the septic system works and the work it will need in the future.

Sometimes, sellers will offer to pay for the septic inspection. If this is the case for you, insist on getting a written copy of the inspection report and being present for the inspection. 

#4 Review The Inspection Carefully

Finally, make sure that you review the inspection report carefully. You may be able to use the information in the report to lower the purchasing price of the home, or you may be able to get the seller to agree to perform the necessary maintenance on the home before the sale is finalized.

If the seller is not willing to negotiate over the septic tank report, make sure that you can afford to perform all necessary work that the septic tank will require in the upcoming years; you don't want to purchase a home with a septic tank you can't afford to take care of. 

For assistance with getting the septic system in your potential new home inspected, contact a company like Linn Septic Service.