Understanding Septic System Issues

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Understanding Septic System Issues

When it comes to necessary home appliances and fixtures, there aren't many things that match the importance of an indoor sewer or septic system. Without a working city sewer system or septic tank, you and your family will have problems living in a clean, sanitary environment. Fortunately, by investing in a good septic system and knowing what to look for, you can take issues in stride and address them proactively. Check out this blog for more information on understanding septic tank issues. This information might make troubleshooting much easier for you and your family. I know that they have helped mine!


Purchasing A Home With A Septic System? What You Should Know

When it comes to dealing with wastewater, not every home is connected to a municipal sewer. Some homes, especially ones in rural areas, use a septic system to deal with wastewater. Septic systems are more common than you may think. In fact, one in five households in the US use this type of system. Purchasing a home with a septic system may make some homeowners nervous, especially if they have never lived in a home with this type of wastewater removal. Here are three things that those who are purchasing a home with a septic system should know.

They Require Maintenance

With a septic system, the waste water flows to a septic tank which then separates float-able and solid waste from the water. The water is then discharged and the rest of the materials are periodically pumped out by professionals. Septic tank pumping is needed every one to three years and costs on average between $283 and $510. Before purchasing a home with a septic system, it's important to ask when the tank was last pumped and how often pumping is recommended.

An Inspection Is A Good Idea

Before purchasing a home with a septic tank, an inspection is a good idea. Getting the septic system in order will ensure that it will work well for years to come. If the system is not in good shape, it may be necessary to factor in the cost of a new septic tank into the cost of the home. A faulty septic system can be pricey to fix or replace. A septic inspection ranges between $250 and $350 on average. An inspection can also help homeowners estimate when a new system will be needed.

They Will Eventually Need To Be Replaced

Even with proper maintenance, most septic systems will need to be replaced. The average lifespan of a septic system is between 25 and 30 years. Before purchasing a home with a septic system, it's important to know how long the current system has been in place. The older it is, the more likely it will need septic tank repair services or replacement. The average cost of a new septic system is between $2,718 and $7,929. Repair bills can also be expensive. Repairing a septic system costs between $627 and $2,354 on average. 

Purchasing a home with a septic system is something that many homeowners are wary about. However, septic systems are far more common than many realize and can deal with wastewater just as well as municipal sewage lines. Those who are purchasing a home with a septic system should know that it needs regular maintenance. Getting an inspection before purchasing the home is also a good idea. Eventually septic systems will need to be either repaired or replaced, knowing how old the system is and what shape it is in is important. Contact a company, like A Better Aim septic, for more help.