Understanding Septic System Issues

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Understanding Septic System Issues

When it comes to necessary home appliances and fixtures, there aren't many things that match the importance of an indoor sewer or septic system. Without a working city sewer system or septic tank, you and your family will have problems living in a clean, sanitary environment. Fortunately, by investing in a good septic system and knowing what to look for, you can take issues in stride and address them proactively. Check out this blog for more information on understanding septic tank issues. This information might make troubleshooting much easier for you and your family. I know that they have helped mine!


Keys To Making The Most Out Of Drain Camera Inspection Equipment

If you're a plumber, it's not uncommon today to rely on drain camera inspection equipment. It can help you see things that weren't possible before this equipment was invented. To ensure this equipment is easy to use and effective, follow this protocol as best you can.

Perform Quick Inspections Prior to Using

Before you insert a drain inspection camera inside a pipe, you first want to look over its condition. These quick inspections can help you spot problems ahead of time, and then you can adjust and make the most out of the camera once it is inserted into the plumbing system.

Look at major components of this camera, including the camera itself, power cords, accompanying tablet screen, and ground prongs. If damage has impacted one or several of these parts, you need to have a repair carried out before using the equipment again.

Practice Manipulating Camera Around

You can invest in a high-tech drain inspection camera, but it won't do you any good if you're not competent in using it. You would waste your time and that of your clients. Before even offering drain camera inspection services, take a couple of months to practice manipulating the camera you've selected around.

See what adjustments you can make and how to move this camera along plumbing systems in a way that doesn't cause damage and yields the clearest picture from the accompanying tablet screen. Only until you master these movements should you offer drain camera inspection services.

Clean Regularly

These drain inspection cameras will be exposed to sewage, and that means they're going to get dirty. You don't want to leave your camera this way because not only can it affect how clear the picture comes through, but it can also decrease your drain inspection camera's life expectancy.

Every time you get done using this specialized camera, go ahead and clean all of the major components. Expensive products won't be required. 

A microfiber towel may be all you need to clean thoroughly, but not in a rough way that would cause damage. Cleaning after every use can help you make the most out of this equipment.

Drain inspection cameras allow plumbers to see intricate details of the inside of pipes, but in order for them to be of value, you need to know what precautions to take when implementing them into your plumbing services. That's key in doing good work and keeping clients satisfied.